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[Standup][NY] 06/29/12: Fireworks!


Should attributes changed during after_save/after_create callbacks be marked as dirty?

We were surprised to learn that attributes changed in after_save/after_create callbacks were not marked as dirty.
Weigh in here.


ActiveRecord#Migration.add_column with default

In Rails 3.0, does not use the single line Postrges ALTER TABLE foo ADD COLUMN bar TEXT DEFAULT wibble, which will back-populate NULL columns. If you set null: false, it will use a non-optimal approach to back-populate NULL rows.

Comma — easy CSV generation

Comma is a CSV generation extension for Ruby objects, that lets you define a CSV output format via a DSL —

Chrome on iOS

Available on iPad and iPhone.


Fireworks on Saturday!

Pyromaniacs get ready: fireworks Saturday through Wednesday in NYC.

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