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[Standup][NY] Thu 5/19/2011: Tomorrow is Friday; Saturday comes afterward

Interesting Things

  • Schubert mentions that if url_for is blowing up on you, you’ve got fundamental problems. Think of this as the canary in the coal-mine. For example, if you’re trying to use namespaces in your rails controllers and there’s a pluralization problem, url_for will fail fast and hard.

  • Kris Hicks let us know about Git from the bottom up, a free book that looks to be a great read for Git beginners and not-so-beginners alike.

  • Kris also mentioned /proc/[pid]/status, which is available on most Linux distros. It contains lots of useful information about any process, such as process state, memory sizes, etc. See PROC(5) for more.


Worst turnout so far this week… three of us did some neck rolls. Let’s step it up tomorrow!

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