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Standup: Sep 9th,10th,11th 2008

Interesting Things

  • ActiveRecord::Base.connection.select_all reads all records into an array, which is not good if you have a very large result set. Use a combination of ActiveRecord::Base.connection.execute with .each, or .each_hash if you want the same column<=>value mappings you get with select_all, only streamed.

  • There was some confusion about BlueCloth:

  • A recent MySql trigger experience:

    • In summary, think twice before using them when you have a viable application code alternative
    • They’re not cloned from the dev to test database
    • The hosting provider this project is using requires that we submit a change request each time we want to add/change/delete triggers. The problem with that is your trigger changes aren’t in sync with your code deployments.
    • It wasn’t hard to write the application code
  • During a discussion about humanize, a couple other nifty transforms were mentioned:

    • parameterize: You have a string, and you want to strip out characters that aren’t url-friendly. (follow the link for good example/discussion)
    • auto_link a Rails helper that takes text and links up all urls and email addresses.
  1. Sean Miller says:

    For Markdown, there are several newer/faster alternatives to BlueCloth, recorded [here](

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