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[Standup][SF] 5/24 – Don't drink and drivers


Capybara + Selenium

Using Capybara + Selenium for request tests results in a Rack application timed out during boot which ultimately throws a SystemErrorduring tests.

The single test works fine, the timeout only happens when running a full rake spec.

The same errors appears under these different setups:

  • with Database Cleaner (:truncation strategy)
  • with/without Database Cleaner (:transaction strategy, using shared connection with transactional fixtures [1])

Have tried increasing Capybara.server_boot_timeout = 240 to no avail.

=> Main suggestion is: try with another driver.



On IE8, refreshing an URL served by a controller which handles both html and json content results in displaying the json instead of the html content.

The json response is only being accessed by an XHR request, which explicitly calls for the URL with the .json extension.

Tried explicitly setting the Content-Type header of json responses (for some reason, not set by rails 3.1), no changes in browser’s behaviour.

=> Try inverting the order of the response_to defined in the controller, setting the html as first element.

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