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Do we still love tablets?

This past week the Pivotal PM team engaged in a discussion about a blog post that claimed that our love affair with tablets was over.

It seems that many of us have tablets and use them in a variety of ways. We think that tablets are a great way for people who are new to computers to get their feet wet, but we generally still use our laptops to get work done.

Here are some ways we think tablets will continue to be helpful:

When traveling: It’s a cheap computer to take with you to watch movies, store photos, check email, video chat, and browse international non-mobile friendly websites

For the kids: Tablets are not only the perfect size for little hands, but their intuitive interfaces are great for even toddlers to play around.

If you’re reading A lot: It is much lighter to carry than multiple books and is more eco-friendly for reviewing PDFs / news/ magazines. Also, they allow for quick googling of more info.

By event marketers: Teams of event marketing folks use them to quickly collect prospects’ information at street fairs, conferences, and expos.

When a laptop is too much: Note taking in meetings, sales presentations, emails on a train, viewing docs from a cloud drive, etc.

On the non-responsive web: There are still millions of sites that have not been mobile optimized yet.

Tell us what you use your tablet for…

  • They are portable, convenient & great for trips!
    Also at home, I can watch something on the tablet, while the others watch on TV.
    I wouldn’t write up a word document or presentation on a tablet though, unless it had a proper keyboard attached to it!

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