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NYC Standup Roundup – Thanksgiving Week


Is there a way to ensure at_exit will always be ran regardless of how the program exits without wrapping all code in an ensure block?

Ideas included:

  1. Use a runner class to execute the program and wrap that in an ensure block.

  2. trap(”EXIT”) { block } should get triggered no matter how the program terminates (sigint, exception, etc)

What are the likely causes of RangeError exceptions during test runs?

<RangeError: 0x23513ec is recycled object>
  1. This is generally caused by C extensions.

  2. Their appearance coincided with a Darwin ports update — perhaps you’re running native gems against different versions of libraries than they were compiled against.

Are there any techniques out there to take a series of bytes and run some heuristics on them to determine the likely encoding of the string it represents?

Anybody out there have any ideas? Please let us know in the comments!


  • Passing :multiple => false or nil to the select helpers causes unpredictable results — the helper still builds input element names assuming an array of items will be passed back. The helper checks only that the key is present in the options hash and not the value which means if you need to conditionally render a multiple, you’ll have to make sure you don’t specify the :multiple key at all.

  • Using $(’textarea’).val() causes unpredictable results as a textarea doesn’t keep its data in a value attribute. Use text()) instead.

  • IE 7 and 8 (and more than likely 6) seem to have a problem with jQuery selectors that match links based upon the href attribute — changing the href of the matched elements does not get reflected in the document.

  • From a Blabs comment: Taps is a Sinatra web service from Heroku that’s used to move data from one database to another. It transmits data as serialized arrays and loads them using ActiveRecord so it’s DB agnostic.

  • Disabling a label via jQuery will not disable the input that it refers to in the for attribute as the label is not a container.

Happy Thanksgiving!

  • John Pignata

    For anybody on the Internets with the same problem: the RangeError exceptions actually turned out to be related to ruby-debug. Upgrading it from 0.9.3 to 0.10.3 seems to have fixed the problem.

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