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The Bold Italic Launches

We’re excited that The Bold Italic launched into public beta yesterday. The Bold Italic is a local-content website we developed with Ideo for Gannett. As they describe it, “(Their) mission is to help people become better locals, equipping our members with rare local intel, backstory and potential adventures.”

Given our focus on Test Driven Development, I was pleased to see the launch article was on Test Driving. (Test driving pickup trucks in this particular case, but it still made me smile.)

We’ve had a great experience working with the Gannett 11g team, and producing this powerful, flexible, and hyperlocal publishing platform with them and Ideo. We’ve been reading the great content they’ve been writing while it was in Alpha, and are excited that everyone gets to share it now that public beta is here.

We wish them well with their launch!

  • Nate Clark

    Umm … the Test Driving Pickups story has nothing at all to do with trucks. Sounds like somebody just read the headline ….

  • Ian, thanks for the kind words. You guys have been a pleasure to work with, and you’ve done an outstanding job bringing The Bold Italic to life.

    We look forward to continuing to work with you through the first part of our Beta.

    A round of applause for Nate, Jonathan, Sam, Eric and Josh. Your work has been awesome, or, as you know I’m more inclined to say: “tubular.”

  • Hi Mary,

    It’s been ‘rad’ having you guys here too! You guys have been a real pleasure to work with.


  • Hey, Nate, you’re right! Totally busted. I read the carbonara neutral article, but not the test driving one. (Hint, that’s not about carbonara either.)

    I guess test driving is even more broadly applicable than I thought!


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