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Title: 06/05/12: Facebook 500


  • Sending Facebook messages when site has BasicAuth or Redirect

When calling FB.ui() to send a message that has a link (say to invite a user to your site), the link must return a 200. Which is incompatible w/ BasicAuth and Redirects.

Has anyone found a way to work around this in a staging environment so that a story can be accepted?

  • Trying to set up CCMenu to talk to Jenkins with BasicAuth

But no projects available for selection.

  • one suggestion checking the cc.xml
  • Don’t use space in project name


  • Capybara with Selenium in CI not cleaning up webmock requests

Jonathan’s project is randomizing order of request and controller specs. It seems if a controller spec runs after a request spec, it fails because the controller spec expects no mocked request but did. The mocked out request was made in the request spec earlier. Not happening if running locally.


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