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Tracker and SemaphoreApp integration for continuous delivery

We’ve been using SemaphoreApp for continuous integration of an internal app I’m working on. It a beta feature for deployments on a successful build that we’ve been successfully using for a little while. On previous projects I’ve tried to use a flow for Tracker integration which was well written up by fellow Pivot, Ian Zabel.

I wanted to introduce a gem I’d written called tracker-git which marks stories as delivered as part of a continuous deployment workflow. Doing this with Semaphore was easy. Here is our configuration for deployment (via Heroku). APPNAME is the Heroku project name and PROJ_ID is the Pivotal Tracker project number while API_KEY is the Pivotal Tracker API key.

    git push --force heroku $BRANCH_NAME:master
    heroku run rake db:migrate -a APPNAME
    heroku restart -a APPNAME
    bundle install
    bundle exec tracker PROJ_ID API_KEY

  • Daniel Grippi

    We just enabled deployment on our project as well, and am pleased to report it’s going swimmingly. I’m totally going to try this method of marking stories in Tracker tomorrow; seems like it makes a bit more sense.

  • Robbie Clutton

    This with Github -> Tracker integration gets you most of the way to continuous delivery. I like being able to mark a commit with a Tracker story id, see it marked as finished by Github, go through CI, be deployed to a staging server then marked as delivered and ready for acceptance automatically.

    I know some want to manually check the code on before being marked as delivered but I say improve automation until you have the confidence it’s done right every time. The number of times I’ve had to manually interveen have been very few.

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