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Tracker and SemaphoreApp integration for continuous delivery

We’ve been using SemaphoreApp for continuous integration of an internal app I’m working on. It a beta feature for deployments on a successful build that we’ve been successfully using for a little while. On previous projects I’ve tried to use a flow for Tracker integration which was well written up by fellow Pivot, Ian Zabel.

I wanted to introduce a gem I’d written called tracker-git which marks stories as delivered as part of a continuous deployment workflow. Doing this with Semaphore was easy. Here is our configuration for deployment (via Heroku). APPNAME is the Heroku project name and PROJ_ID is the Pivotal Tracker project number while API_KEY is the Pivotal Tracker API key.

    git push --force heroku $BRANCH_NAME:master
    heroku run rake db:migrate -a APPNAME
    heroku restart -a APPNAME
    bundle install
    bundle exec tracker PROJ_ID API_KEY

  1. Daniel Grippi says:

    We just enabled deployment on our project as well, and am pleased to report it’s going swimmingly. I’m totally going to try this method of marking stories in Tracker tomorrow; seems like it makes a bit more sense.

  2. Robbie Clutton says:

    This with Github -> Tracker integration gets you most of the way to continuous delivery. I like being able to mark a commit with a Tracker story id, see it marked as finished by Github, go through CI, be deployed to a staging server then marked as delivered and ready for acceptance automatically.

    I know some want to manually check the code on before being marked as delivered but I say improve automation until you have the confidence it’s done right every time. The number of times I’ve had to manually interveen have been very few.

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