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Gem: capybara-email

(PM and DK)

helpers for emails in capybara, allows you to open a specific email, make assertions and even click links!


(Josh Knowles)

View & manager stories across multiple projects built by our former client IntentMedia –

Vim Tip of the week: :g executes on matched search lines

(Dimitri Roche)



Example: :g/Hello/d

This will act on the specified range, by executing the Ex command cmd (An Ex command is one starting with a colon (‘:’)) for each line matching . Before executing cmd, “.” is set to the current line.

(Thanks John Barker)


Tuesday: NY Haskell Meetup (needs a host)

Wednesday: NY Software Engineers Meetup (needs a host)

Thursday: New York Open Statistical Programming Meetup (needs a host)

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