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Trying Out RubyMine 6.0

Last week, JetBrains released RubyMine 6.0. The most significant feature is multi-project support; perfect for component-based Rails architectures. However, in this post, we’ll look at OS X keyboard shortcuts for some of the other new features.

Search Everywhere

Quickly press shift twice to search files, classes, symbols, IDE actions, preferences, etc.


Find Folder

Navigate to file, command + shift + O, now supports navigating to directories.


You must include a “/” at the end of the directory name.

Migration Fields in Structure View

File structure, command + F12, now supports finding model fields.


Selecting a field will navigate to its migration.


Open a terminal with option + F12.


Upgrade It

A decent mix of big and small features and fixes, coupled with an overall increase in speed, makes the new RubyMine well worth the upgrade.

  1. Kim Barnes says:

    Nice tips, thanks Jared! I bet terminal is your fav?

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