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Tweed 1.1.1: Landscape mode and more

1.1.1 of Tweed is now available in the App Catalog.


  • User profile can scroll
  • increased photo upload timeout
  • font size setting should apply to direct message timeline
  • Tweet text is image caption on photo uploads

Features and Changes

  • changed photo upload default to yFrog
  • forward gesture composes new tweet
  • use for url shortening (instead of
  • show original tweet on replies
  • Pixi support
  • landscape mode (& preference to disable)
  • Joey Zambrano

    so do we have to use yfrog in this version? Or is it optional?

  • So we have to buy each new update as if it was a new application? Seems a little unfair to me. I was going to upgrade, but now I’m thinking I’ll wait a bit.

  • Dave

    Keri – mine updated for free just fine.

    New version looks great!

  • VEEJ

    Is there going to be support for Lists?


    Excellent update. Really enjoying the the landscape option.

  • Ubqtous

    @Keri The “Updates” manager showed a price for the update, but wouldn’t actually let me download it. I then went into the App Catalog and was able to download the update for free. So it might just be a Pre glitch that makes it look like an additional payment is needed for the update.

  • Working great :)

  • Thanks for the update, Tweed is amazing! I love using Tweed every single day, it is always open on my phone and I use it more than I text! Which is pretty insane considering how much I do text. Anyway, I just wanted to recommend a feature that should be implemented soon to compete with Twee is being able to stay in the app while looking at TwitPics. It really sucks to have to open the full TwitPic site every time I want to view a picture. If you guys could make it so Tweed can native view posted pictures, that would be amazing. One last thing, THEMES! I know you said your working on it and I can’t wait! Just make sure there is a dark/black theme :D

  • Bruce

    Keegan – There is already inline TwitPic support. If the link is in the tweed, a picture icon appears in the upper right of the tweet. Click anywhere in the tweet that is not a link, and on the list of actions, one is called Photos. Select that and the pic displays inside Tweed.

    One change to this that would be nice is support for landscape mode in the pic view. Otherwise, love the update. Tweed was the first Twitter client I got for my Pre and I haven’t looked back!

  • @Ubqtous Thanks, that worked perfectly. I guess we have to go through the app catalog and not the update app.

  • Dan

    Thanks for the update! Do you have any plans to integrate the brand new lists feature into Tweed?

  • love some of the tweaks you did with this update. cant wait till you get lists on the app. that will be a glorious day! :)

    Thanks again!

  • Conversation support is broken for me :( “Error from Twitter: Sorry, you are not authorized to see this status.”

    Also I would love to see support for photos – from what I can tell, it’s just better than the others.

  • Kevin W

    Loving the new update. I don’t see the exact practical use of landscape mode, but it sure is pretty.

    The new reply system that shows the tweet being replied to is great!

    Tweed seems to load faster as well.

    Two things I’m still looking for:

    Tweed doesn’t always refresh after a new tweet. This is annoying and something I didn’t notice on Tweed free.

    It would also be great if we could get a “reply all” feature to send a reply to everyone mentioned in a tweet.

    Otherwise, great job Pivotal!

  • I am having issues deleting one of the accounts that I run on Tweed. I recently changed the username and Tweed won’t allow me to log back into the account to delete it.

    Any suggestions?

  • Christian Sepulveda

    @Shane, you might have to delete Tweed and reinstall. We know that is a a really bad option, but there is a bug that makes the Delete button inactive when the user account can’t be loaded

  • Christian Sepulveda

    @Joey Zambrano — completely optional, just the default. Tap the App Menu, Pref&Acct to change

  • Christian Sepulveda

    @Brandon Siegel, is it broken on all conversations? Email us at and we can work through it with you.

  • Christian Sepulveda

    For those interested in lists, it is something we are planning but not sure on timing.

  • Kevin W.

    Notifications no longer work after upgrading to webOS 1.3.1.

  • Kenneth

    Any way to buy the full version of Tweed with out going through app catalog? Im in europe, we dont have paid apps in catalog yet.

  • Christian Sepulveda

    @Kevin W.

    Please try resetting notifications. Tap app menu, pref&acct, toggle notifications off, reboot phone, then turn them back on. This is sometimes necessary after a webos update.

  • Christian Sepulveda


    Sorry, but we can only distribute through the app catalog, so you won’t be able to get the paid version until Palm allows paid apps in Europe.

  • David

    @Christian Is there any information on when paid apps will be available in Europe / Germany? I’m very eager for Tweed 1.1.1! :)

  • ryno

    is there any possible way to add a picture too your twitter profile?

  • jeff

    I have a lot of problems posting pics to twitpic or yfrog – mostly, I hit “tweet this” and it’s gone off to the abyss, there’s no pic upload status or “outbox” – the little notification just goes away regardless if the tweet is posted or not. I’ll send something, then put the phone in my pocket, and it turns out the photo never got posted, no error message telling me what happened. what gives?

    that said, text works fine.

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