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Tweed 1.2: Lists, Retweets and more

1.2 of Tweed is now available in the App Catalog.


  • Timeline markers sometimes not working with searches

Features and Changes

  • List Support
  • new Retweets appear in home timeline (with icon indicator)
  • Preference to use old/new RT style
  • Preference for setting notification frequency
  • Reset Timeline markers button (in Preferences & Accounts)
  • Goto Timeline Marker option (in header popup)
  • Pivotal Labs icon is no longer a link


  • Lists is a main menu item: shows your lists and lists you follow
  • User Profile: view user’s lists and where they are listed
  • List Profile: view list members and see who is following the list
  • Notifications: select a list you follow for notifications

We will be adding list editing capability (create lists, add members, subscribe to lists, etc.) in another release.


  • Kevin W.

    Looks like a nice update Pivotal, thanks!

    Any change for a “replay all” feature, or an address book for looking up followers (vs having to type their @names in during a tweet).

  • Stefan Pfeiffer

    Wooohooo, i am mentioned in one of the screenshots, i am famous! I am a very happy and satisfied user of Tweed, and i would like to get my hands on the new version and happily pay for it, unfortunately palm does not allow that for me in Germany, with a crappy < 100 apps in the store, most of them crippled demo versions of paid apps. So i am still running the last free version of Tweed, that still rocks!

    Palm needs to fix that, soon! Very soon!

    Regards, Stefan (aka dl1ely)

  • David

    I can only second what Stefan said, with Tweed 1.2 I am looking forward even more to be able to buy it in Germany / Europe!

  • I’m with David and Stefan, here in Spain we have another <100 App "demo/free/lite" Catalog waiting for paid "real" apps…

  • Joey

    anyway to get myspace and facebook integration on the next update so using tweed will also update our status on those sites?

  • Javier Sinecio

    Cuándo estará en México?

  • I’d really like the ability to change my profile picture from pictures on my phone via tweed, kind of like how übertwitter for blackberry does :/ please include this in the next update :O

  • Yep, gonna check this new version right now! Thanx for sharing.

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