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Tweed 1.3: RT Style setting, bug fixes

Version 1.3 has been submitted and should be in the App Catalog soon.


  • Load More showing gaps in home timeline
  • TweetPhoto: upload and in-app photo viewing restored
  • can remove account if username changed on Twitter
  • RT’s now show timestamp of RT, not original tweet
  • webOS 1.4 issues are fixed (for upcoming webOS update)

Features and Changes

  • specify RT style: old, new or prompt (per tweet)


  • Danielle M

    Thanks for the updates/changes.

    I did have two questions though:
    Can you make it where we can see if we have follower requests and be able to accept or reject them?

    Then you say: webOS 1.4 issues are fixed (for upcoming webOS update)
    Does that mean Palm released the new update to developers already?


  • Awesome! Can’t wait to use that prompt button. A great idea. I had been going into the menu to change and this is a lot nicer. :)

    Would it ever be possible to change the notification frequency for individual timelines, ie, @replies 5 minutes, but friends or direct messages 30 minutes, instead of everything clumped into one.

    I could see how that might be a battery drainer, but would be nice if possible.


  • James Carnley

    Any plans on enabling location tagged tweets?

    This is the biggest feature that I am waiting for.

  • Great to hear that another update is on the way!

    I remember a while back that Flickr upload support was planned; is this still something that’s on the roadmap? It would also be cool if Flickr photos could be viewed in-app like twitpic and the others can.

  • Wes

    I would like to ask for a feature to toggle sending to cell. I use tweed or desktop app for all my follows, but txt msg for select few I want to know NOW about. I would like to manage that from tweed if possible.

  • Christian Sepulveda

    @Danielle M, no plans on providing a reject/accept mechanism for friendship requests. We also don’t think there is a way to do this in a third party app, though we haven’t investigated it too much as many users don’t protect their updates, so there isn’t a reject/accept workflow

  • Christian Sepulveda

    @portorikan, sorry, but we don’t have any plans to allow changing the refresh interval per timeline.

  • Christian Sepulveda

    @James Carnley. We will add geo-tagging to a future release, though not sure on timing.

  • Christian Sepulveda

    @Jamie: We’d still like to Flickr support. Unfortunately Flickr supported is a bit complicated and there have been other features that have wider demand, such as Lists (which was added in 1.2)

  • Christian Sepulveda

    @Wes, we don’t think Twitter allows for the type of control you are describing: SMS is on or off, not configured by timeline.

  • Tarryn

    Any plans on adding a frequently used hash tag, or twitter friends quick access, drop-down box? I know it would be easier to write a tweet and insert a frequently used name or tag… also any twitlonger support in the wings?

  • Eddie

    Please fix the MAJOR BUG of not being able to click on links after the 1.4 update. I am using the free version of Tweed and would not buy the full version if I know the bug is in that as well.

  • Hello,

    Tweed 0.9 doesn’t work with WebOS 1.4 – at least the German WebOS 1.4. Elg. links in Tweed can’t be tapped, the picture picker won’t open and so on. Though the German App Catalog still is beta and only provides the freebies, I still can’t download Tweed 1.3. Is there any other way to get a copy?

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