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Tweed 1.6: User Search, Copy Tweets, Internationalization

Version 1.6 has been submitted and should be in the App Catalog soon.


  • Load More showing gaps in home timeline (should finally be really fixed)
  • List notifications were false/repeats in some cases
  • links that had all capital letters didn’t work
  • notification stability improvements (more may be needed though)

Features and Changes

  • Goto User (tap App menu, Goto User)
  • User Search (as you type in search box, option for user search will be presented)
  • Copy Tweet (gesture-tap of tweet — hold finger in gesture area, then tap tweet )
  • Internationalization beta

Internationalization Beta

Tweed has been translated to the various languages for which webOS is available.

With this version, pricing returns to $2.99, though updates for existing paid users are free.


  1. Keegan says:

    Awesome! You guys have been churning out updates like crazy! I’m excited for the bug fixes and searching. I’d like to say thank you for adding TwitVid support so quickly, my friends and I use it all of the time. I also want to say that I hope you guys are still working on themes for Tweed. I know I REALLY want Tweed to be black instead of all white, so hopefully that is still in the works!

  2. James says:

    Any news on enabling geolocation support? I just want my tweets tagged with my location.

  3. David says:

    Does “Internationalization” mean that Tweed will be finally available in the European / German App Catalog? :-)

  4. Thomas Stache says:

    Oh neat, you end the sale pricing BEFORE putting it into the international catalog!? What’s wrong with you? I was under the impression, that the lower price was a gesture of good will, considering the long wait and stopping dev on the free version. Oh well, now I’m pretty disappointed.
    I must say that the webOS apps appear to only be a hobby for Pivotal Labs…

  5. FDOIII says:

    Appreciate the rapid release of updates and actually taking consumer feedback and making it a reality. Keep up the good work. This was one of the first apps I’ve purchased and I’ve had no regrets.

  6. Tarryn says:

    Just wondering, what is the actual recommended way to get to my own profile, i’ve been going to @MyName, and then clicking my name, just to see who my followers, were and who i was following, is there a menu option, or button, i should have been using all along?

  7. Marc says:

    Just bought Tweed, nice app indeed. But the German translation is really really bad. Hope for improvement with the next update!

  8. Slvrswrd says:

    Love my tweed.
    Any chance that in the future we’ll be able to set an alert tone for the tweed app by itself? I’d love to know when a tweet arrives versus a general alert messege.

  9. MKS says:

    Keeps saying “uploading media failed” for tweetphoto

    What’s the deal??

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