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Tweed 1.7: Geotagging and more…

Version 1.6 has been submitted and should be in the App Catalog soon.


  • Character counter didn’t work if “Post on Enter” was enabled
  • Couldn’t post a photo tweet without text

Features and Changes

  • geo tagging of tweets
  • configurable notification sound
  • (hopefully) improved German translation
  • Copy Tweet has been added to popup menu
  • preference to enable/disable metatap copy for tweets
  • Email / SMS / IM tweets

Geo Tagging

  • preference to enable geo tagging
  • tweets will include location/geo tag metadata if Tweed preference is enabled and Twitter setting for adding location is enabled
  • Tweets with geo tags will display link to location (in popup menu and in tweet)

Popup menu

Our poll results for changing the popup menu resulted in 46% for A, 54% for B. Only about 100 people responded. So while B won by a small majority, we’ve implemented option A, as that was the smallest change to Tweed and we felt the least disruptive to the larger Tweed userbase.

We may change this based on feedback.


  • James Carnley

    Hooray for Geotagging!

    Thanks for finally adding in support for location enabled tweets. You guys rock!

  • Excellent. Hated that the counter didn’t work. So, how do I get the latest version? I paid for the version I currently have, and don’t want to pay again. New to the Pre, so not sure how updating software works.

    Also, is there a way to add a feature? I’d love to be able to Reply to All on occasion. Can that be done?

    Excellent app. Use it often, and love it . . .



  • I see that I am using V1.6.0 as of right now . . . on a Verizon Palm Pre Plus. FYI . . .

  • omari

    you all have been doing a great job with this application. I see that their might be a chance to heighten the convenience of the app by adding the option to mention someone without having to write it out or reply to one of their messages.

  • Frechdachs

    Great to see that Tweed is back on track :)
    Any news about theme support?

  • raypace

    Hi Christian,

    Love Tweed, using paid version.
    Great Value.
    Is there a way to turn off the feed entirely, instead of just disabling the notifications? Sometimes I would like to disable data feed on my Pre+ selectively instead of globally.

    Thanks for a great app!

  • David

    Is there a change log for Tweed 1.8?

  • Trucker_Rick

    I have a sprint palm pre and can not seem do download 1.8. It just site there. I was able to download the trial version. I was having trouble yesterday with signing in, so I deleted tweed then tried to re download it. Its not working. HELP!!

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