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Tweed and Paid Palm Pre Apps

In the past, we’ve been asked if we planned to charge for Tweed. Until recently, we hadn’t made a decision. Tweed began as an application we developed to learn Palm webOS, and it grew into something we started to depend on, so we decided to release it to the App Catalog.

At this point, Tweed has a thriving user base and continues to grow in its maturity and capabilities. However, this does come with considerable costs to Pivotal Labs and we can’t indefinitely subsidize the entire cost of development. So, we’ve decided to make Tweed a paid application in the App Catalog.

We are committed to continuing to develop and support Tweed. Charging for it will let us keep bringing you new features, like the ones in the 1.0 release.

Existing Tweed users can continue to use the current version, (0.9.16) and you can still grab a copy until the paid apps are available; it will not timebomb and we’re happy for you to keep using it. However, it will be removed from the App Catalog when the paid version replaces it. Hopefully you’ll find the new features compelling enough to upgrade. (Unfortunately it will install as a new application, so you will have to re-enter your accounts and you will lose existing timeline markers and bookmarks. Sorry, this is a consequence of the new App Catalog and we have no influence over this.)

For Canadian users, Tweed will continue to be free until Palm launches a commerce enabled App Catalog in Canada. (This will be true for new Palm Pre markets as well.)


There will be a variety of new features available in the initial 1.0.0 release of the paid application.

  • true, direct photo upload (no more email)
    • TwitPic, TwitGoo, TweetPhoto, yFrog, Posterous
  • new notifications dashboards
  • full-screen view of user profile image (tap user picture on user profile scene)
  • preference for number of tweets on fetch
  • ability to change password
  • show number of tweets in user profile
  • direct messages can include photos




While we have lots planned for Tweed, some items of note include:

  • themes
  • landscape support
  • / url shorteners
  • Flickr upload support
  • more…


Tweed will normally cost $3.99. However, for the next few weeks, to help ease the transition, we will offer Tweed for the discounted price of $1.99.

We thank you all of using Tweed. While we know some of you will be disappointed that Tweed will be a paid-only application, we hope you will enjoy the new Tweed.

  • Andrew

    I’ll gladly pay $1.99 for Tweed. Keep up the great work!

  • pixie

    If we pay, do we get free updates/upgrades? or will we be nickeled and dimed for that?

  • Mahootzki

    There is 1 option I hope you will also implement, all in one timeline, I need that more than anything. Will you consider it?
    Will pay either way though, great app.

  • This is a great app and I would gladly pay to use it.

  • Jay

    Tweed rocks – $1.99 is well worth it. I would also pay the $3.99 if need be.

  • Shermbe

    I prefer twee right now. I really like the bottom menu bar and how the pics pop up automatically in those tweets (instead of clicking the photolink or button). But the new features look cool and $1.99 is a great price. I’l probably buy it

  • bpdamas

    Curious about whether or not there will be free upgrades/updates as well or will there be costs associated with each upgrade/update?

  • @htdakar

    Tweed is a great app and well worth the price – no problem. Best Twitter client for the Pre by far, IMO.

    Good to hear that you will incorporate the full screen view of a user profile pic. I still have a copy of Twee on my phone to do just this – I can finally remove Twee from my phone.

    One minor suggestion, would be to incorporate a ‘Reply All’ feature into a future version so you can reply to everyone mentioned in a tweet.

    Like others, I am curious if there will be a fee for future upgrades … please let us know.


  • John

    No worries guys and gals @ Pivotal. I will gladly pay a fee for such a great app! You people deserve to charge for something you’ve invested so much time.

  • Corey

    $1.99 is a great price for Tweed and I look forward to the paid app so that you all can continue to develop for Tweed. Great program so far and if you all stick to wha you have just laid out then it will only get better with time!

  • Susi

    1.99 is an unbeatable price. It’s one of the apps I use most on my Pre.

  • If you find yourself using Tweed as much as I do then you should be able to find 199 pennies to pay for the app. I know I will buy it once the paid app catalog comes out however I do have to wonder will upgrades be free? Will it follow the model of most software applications where minor versions are free but major versions will cost an upgrade fee?

  • Zorin

    I will gladly pay $1.99 for Tweed. It is a great Twitter application and it looks like you have resolved all the major issues.

    I do think that you should continue to make the current version available for free, though. This way Pre users have a free Twitter client option. They can pay for additional functionality.

    If I had to pay for Tweed to try it out, I probably wouldn’t have and would have gone with one of the other lesser twitter clients.

  • Rev. Rhino

    Gladly pay for this…thanks for a great app

  • Mark

    My golly, but I can’t imagine complaining about spending $3.99 for such a great app–let alone $1.99. I hope Palm can create an ecosystem that allows developers (and note, I’m not one) to get returns on their investments in making great apps.

  • Christian Sepulveda

    @pixie, @bpdamas, and @htdakar — regarding upgrades.
    Once you purchase Tweed, you will get all upgrades for free.

  • Christian Sepulveda

    @ Joseph Crawford, future upgrades will be free for paid users

  • Christian Sepulveda

    @Mahootzki, we will probably add a consolidates home, mentions and DM timeline in a future release

  • bdye

    Any chance at adding in image upload support for TweetPress? The API looks pretty straight forward and would probably be a snap to integrate:

    TweetPress features a full API that allows Twitter clients to POST photos directly to your WordPress blog. It will then return a shortened URL to YOUR image gallery hosted on YOUR wordpress page.

    The advantage to this is that traffic generated from your tweets are directed at YOUR blog and not a 3rd party image hosting site.

    API Documentation here:

    more info here:

    I am with the others here, will gladly pay for Tweet, great apps are worth the cash, keeps the developers happy and encourages the future revisions.

  • JimF

    Add me to the list of those more than happy to pay for Tweed. It has greatly enhanced my experience with both Twitter & my Pre.

  • Christian Sepulveda

    @bdye, we will look into it

  • Nick

    I’m a software developer so I understand this stuff does not happen by magic, or for free. Spending $1.99 (or $3.99, or whatever) on an app I use every day is well worth it. I’d also be willing to pay a nominal price (say, $0.99) for major upgrades, just to be sure you can continue to do development.

    One thing that would be nice is a way to forward tweets’ URLs over email. It looks like the URL for a particular tweet is something like: + status.user.screen_name + /status/ +

    Thanks for a great app.

  • Christian Sepulveda

    @Nick, email, IM and SMS for sending tweet links are all planned

  • Tarryn

    I would gladly pay $3.99 for Tweed, and am happy to hear of the $1.99 Temporary price reduction. I love this App, and use it all the time. (Especially since i haven’t figured out how to turn it off!) Is there a way to turn off Tweed, say when your at your computer, and are using a desktop client. Re-reading gets tiresome.

  • I will probably spend the $2 when the new App Catalog comes out (hedging because I’m waiting to see what apps are available, and for what prices), but i wanted to comment and say that I appreciate that the free version won’t expire. Leaving the free version available to customers is a nice touch and (ironically or not) makes me more willing to spend money on your software.

  • Yasan

    I am willing to spend $2 for your new version. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to new features!

  • chris

    any possibility of adding mobypicture to the image uploader? also, is upload performance via tweed better than upload performance via email?

  • Christian Sepulveda

    @Taryn. It sounds like you have notifications enabled. You can turn them off by tapping App Menu, Preferences and Accounts, then toggle Notifications off

  • Christian Sepulveda

    @chris, we will be adding other uploaders based on demand. We haven’t seen many requests for mobypicture yet, but we’ll see.

    As far as speed, it depends on the service and size of the image (and network bandwidth). Generally it seems to work well so far.

  • David

    I hope you keep it at 1.99$ until after 13th October, when the Pre comes to Germany! ;-)

  • Although I have a couple of other twitter apps on my Palm Pre, Tweed is still the best in my opinion. I’m really excited about the new features that will be available with Tweed’s 1.0 release and beyond. This will definitely be worth the $3.99 price, and the $1.99 discounted price seems more than fair.

    Thanks and keep up the great work!

  • Foo

    How about support? It would be great to be able to use Tweed like my desktop Twitter clients and update several sites at once. Thx.

  • Christian Sepulveda

    @Foo (and those interested in,

    We’ve been considering it. The practical problem is the API throttles you to 3 posts per minute, which doesn’t work for a lot of users.

  • Wondering when it will be available to buy!

  • Kate

    I’m happy to pay for Tweed – and absolutely delighted that you’re planning Flickr integration. Thanks, Christian and the Pivotal team!

  • Alvin P

    I’m wondering why is it taking Palm so long to release your app, I’m sure hundreds of people are waiting on this app!

  • Dylan Andersen

    The paid apps are out! Where’s Tweed? We’re all anxiously waiting to pay for it!

  • Kevin G.

    I’ll echo the previous post – what’s taking so long? Looking forward to compensating for this app I use a ton, and to the updates.

  • Christian Sepulveda

    @Kevin and @Dylan,

    We are also anxious for Tweed to be released in the App Catalog. Unfortunately, we don’t control when it hits. Palm controls this and there is a lot going on with the new catalog, so we can only hope it will be soon.

  • Tweed was just given App of the Day for Palm on

  • portorikan

    tweed is showing up in the App Catalog as Beta as an update but with no new update aside from the Beta on the icon. I can only imagine the paid version will be released soon. :)

    I hope.

  • @webjunkie

    Cant get the 1.0 version… app store errors out on download

  • Same here. First app worth paying for and it won’t DL. Even deleted v0.9 and tried again with no luck.

    Unkown Error PMT03010

  • foo

    Even with the API throttle, it will still be useful. Maybe you could implement with a caveat that after it hits the limit that @tweed will either silently drop or enqueue…

    Twhirl seems to have this implemented with no major issue so it should be doable no?

  • Christian Sepulveda

    @webjunkie, @scottitude. Palm fixed the payment problems, so things should work now.

  • Tweed v1.0 is my first paid app purchase. Great work guys! I’m liking the new notification area and awaiting Flickr support :-)

  • Daniel

    I love your app, but for me to pay for a twitter app, I would absolutely need groups support, because I follow so many people that a mobile twitter client is unreadable without groups.

  • Matt D

    I’m glad there is a solid Twitter app for this, we used the free version last night to live blog/tweet a pretty fun event and with the photo integration the paid version would have made my life much easier!


  • TeeJay

    Thanks for a wonderful program folks. As an old PLAM user it was always my feeling that a developer should always be rewarded by having happy users reward all the hard work it takes to bring an app forward. So yes, I’ve already upgraded. Many thanks for making what TWITTER should have been from the beginning, easier to use!

  • Tarryn

    I’ve downloaded Tweed 1.0 and I am proud to have been a happy paying customer! Keep up the good work, and continue to create a solid product! And I JUST found out that you incorporated a feature that I’ve been dreaming of! Being able to actually pick which notification I want to go to first!


    Appreciate all the hard work. Turned out very nice!!! Happy to shell out the pesos for it.

  • Combmatt

    I have been using tweed ever since I got my Pre. Tweed was in fact my second app on my phone. But I’m not sure if I will upgrade to the $1.99 version. Tweed is good as a free app now and you should be putting out the paid version as well as the free version for the people who don’t want to fork over the $1.99. Tweed is solid as a free app but I would take away the “add a picture” option and make it an email option (on the the free version).

  • Nice upgrade with the paid Tweed. I really like the in app picture viewing. The only thing I wish it had was the ability to rotate the picture viewing to get a better look at landscape oriented pictures.

  • Megan

    Paid Tweed is not showing up in my app catalog (and I’m in the US). I am happy to pay for it (the free one has stopped giving me notifications and yes, I checked, they’re still enabled) but can’t seem to find it!

  • Megan

    I retract my last comment and just say that if you search the App catalog, only the free Tweed shows up. I finally just looked through all the apps and found it.

  • The paid version of Tweed has been great and stable as always, and I have a feature request.

    I don’t like to monitor the “Home” timeline as it can sometimes contain a lot of noise, but there are a few users who I like instant updates from.

    Currently I use twitter’s SMS feature to alert me when my favorite users tweet, but when @mentions come into play, I get duplicate notifications via SMS and Tweed (@mentions are monitored by Tweed for me), and it would be great if I could add a user that I am following to my “Watched Timelines”.

    Actually, as I type this, a better feature would be to add the ability to watch “@tweed” or “Any Other Search Term” or “#a_hash_tag” to the watched timelines.

    Best of luck in your efforts,
    and as a fellow Rails developer, Rock On!

  • Christian Sepulveda


    You can do this in Tweed already. You can tap app menu, Add Bookmark, for users, trends and searches. You can then tap App menu, Configure Timelines (if notifications are ON) and then Add Timeline. Select the iser, trend or saved search you bookmarked. You will then receive notifications for these bookmarks

  • Christian Sepulveda

    @Joe Sacher, we will be adding landscape mode in next release

  • Meredith


    I think that the App Catalog can support multiple twitter clients around the $1 – $5 range, but I do agree with you that Tweed should be priced competitively. Especially with others offering more complete free options than Tweed Trial. The $1.99 current price is great, perhaps it should stay at this throughout the remainder of this year and into next year to cover Pixi users, VZW Pre users, and other non-US App Catalog markets.

    I also think that it is a great idea to go with Tweed Pro and Tweed as the two name choices. I think that eventually palm will open up to the idea of in-app purchases like Apple just did, so eventually Pivotal Labs could just offer Tweed in the App Catalog and if users want to go for the upgrade they could upgrade within the app itself to Tweed Pro. Which would then just enable features that were previously unavailable.

    Also its a great idea because I, like many others, hate trials. And having [the free version] Tweed being labeled Tweed Trial may keep many at bay, so they may not experience what there is that sets Tweed apart. :-)

  • Hi,
    I really like Tweed, but am stuck with using the free version, since I am using a German GSM Pre (from Norway)

    How about selling the paid version outside of the app store – so all us other happy users can get the extra features!

    Kind regards,
    Anders H

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