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Tweed: Photo Upload Update

As discussed in the last release notes, the Palm Mojo SDK doesn’t provide a general mechanism for uploading photos. However, email supports attachments, so you can email photos from the phone.

We started to develop an intermediary service that would accept emailed photos, then upload these to TwitPic, TweedPhoto, etc., and return the urls to Tweed. Then Tweed could post to Twitter with the photo links.

Unfortunately, this takes more time than we would like. (There are latency, scalability and general reliability issues.)

So, we are going to start with a much simpler option — the Compose Tweet screen will create an email on behalf of the user for posting tweets via photo services that support email. (Tweed will have a preference for storing the email address/pin for the service the user chooses.)

There are some issues with this simplified solution:

  • “in reply to”/conversations will not be supported
  • no DM support
  • in simple terms, email tweet posts are just posts, not replies

We will have this solution later this week.

  1. portorikan says:

    Thanks for the update and support. Been enjoying the use of Tweed and the updates and support provided thus far. Looking forward to the update.

    Thanks again.


  2. samkinkel says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait for it.
    I love tweed so much, I uninstalled my Twitter prog for my computer! I only tweet from tweed now (occasianally from web ;)!


  3. c0t0d0s2 says:

    Any idea if/when Palm will enable this functionality in their own SDK?

  4. Jonathan Foley says:

    No photo uploading api? Lame, how does palm do it in the photo app then?
    I assume you guys have told palm how lame that is. You guys are doing awesome though I love the tweed!

  5. Adam Parish says:

    This why my idea. I prefer Twitpic, however the tweetphoto api gets you rev share on photos posted through your api integration.

  6. Linh says:

    Is there a way to delay the tweet slightly so on completed upload, you can fetch the short link?

    Though, this will likely introduce major lags and/or broken links.

    glad to hear there’s something going on, very disappointed in the WebOS api though

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