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Tweed: Preview of v0.9.8

Bug Fixes

  • false notification reports
  • timeline marker not being preserved when Load More is tapped
  • loading spinner hanging when minimizing during a load
  • preserve tweet position on refresh
  • ….


  • configure notifications: individually turn on/off DM, home, replies
  • Tap header: option to jump to top/bottom of timeline
  • When loading a timeline, start with marker (if present)
  • a few more….

We expect this release to hit App Catalog early part of this week, July 6.

  • JerseyJesus

    Great work, I love the progress you all continue making on this project.

  • YodaGuy5

    This is awesome thank you for your work and being the first Twitter App for the Pre. One thing I like about TwitterFon on my iPod is that it goes to last post I saw using the app.

  • Wxc

    Tweed is a great program. Makes browsing twitter much more fun. When I’m on my pc I usually just browse twitter with tweed instead. Glad to see upgrades being pumped out regularly. Attach photos soon, please?

  • JBtheC

    one thing I might suggest is a friends list of sorts that you could scroll through in order to make mentioning your followers or someone you follow in a tweet a lot easier than remembering their username. love this app though


    Please please please add photo integration soon!

  • Neoka

    Hmm, its the 8th and atill no new apps, not sure if its the apps store’s fault, or a release delay.


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