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Tweed Update: v0.9.10

A new version of Tweed is available! (v.0.9.10)

Bug Fixes

  • if you view a timeline, it will clear any pending/open notification dashboards, for that timeline


  • photo integration: configure service of choice and Tweed will auto-generate an email for posting
    • optionally configure sound and/or vibration for notifications

Photo Integration Notes

You can use any photo service that supports email for posting, such as TwitPic. The photo service needs to follow the following guidelines:

  • Subject Line is tweet text
  • To: address is for posting

For services such as or, you will need to register your sending email address (one being used on your Palm Pre).

Let us know your feedback either @tweed on Twitter, or

You can change your photo settings from the AppMenu, Preferences & Accounts, then tap your account. Then tap the Edit Photo Settings button on bottom of the screen.



  • willxcore

    Already posted on twitter. But when I tap on Timelines, tweed becomes unresponsive and has to be discarded.

  • Neoka

    Yep, same with me.

  • Ben

    Is it possible to hange the photo upload settings once its set

  • jenders

    Uninstall and re-install will fix this problem

  • Timelines button freezes app.

  • Notifications seemed to have stopped working with this version. Tried to remove and reinstall and still no notifications.

  • spin

    The notification settings don’t stick. I’d like to turn on notifications, but with no sound and no vibrate. I tried setting this combination, but it doesn’t stay. I still get the sound and when I go back to settings, the notifications are on, but the sound and vibrate are also back on.

    I can turn notifications off altogether and that sticks, but it would be nice to get the notification at the bottom without a tone or vibrate each time.

    Also tried leaving notifications on and just turning off one of either sound or vibrate. Neither combination of settings get saved.

    Also, need a way to change the photo upload settings after it’s been set. Accidentally saved it with the ???? in the email after selecting twitpic. Uninstall and reinstall worked fine to get the configuration prompt back, but that’s a major pain.

  • Christian Sepulveda

    For those that see the freezing app on tapping Timelines, you will need to reinstall tweed (delete,install). Sorry about this — there wasa problem with a change in the underlying schema that affected users (not all, but too many).

    @antonio — for notifications, please reboot your phone, then toggle notifications off, then on. That should reset the alarm clock that wakes up Tweed to recheck notifications.

    You can change your photo setting by going to AppMenu, Preferences & Accounts, then tap your account. Then tap the Edit Photo Settings buttton on bottom of screen.

    As far as the notifications settings not sticking, it has us confounded. A few people are seeing the problem, but not everyone and we haven’t been able to reproduce.

    Can you email and let us know:
    * were you using Tweed before 0.9.10 — if so, do you know the version number?
    * are you able to toggle notifications off/on, close / reopen tweed, and have Tweed remember the setting?

    Sorry for the problem.

  • spin

    Thanks for the pointer to the email settings. Definitely too buried. Suggest moving it up so that each account listed has a button each for “edit account” and “edit photo settings”. An “edit account button” would be good anyway, since just listing the account doesn’t really provide a sufficient call to action alone. @Ben also had this problem and @jenders tried reinstalling like I did.

    For the notification settings issue, I have only one account set up with name and url, no description or location, and all watched timelines on. Running webOS 1.0.4. Hope this helps to reproduce. It happens consistently for me.

  • Joe

    I don’t know if you can control the email formatting. Looks like a new line is being forced just under 70 characters for the Picture email. This is generating a space in the message. This generated a space in the middle of a word, which really sucks if you are using a Hash tag. Maybe I’m too wordy? :) Maybe Palm needs to get the file upload API done. :(

    One improvement idea. In notifications, you should link both the icon and the message. Email and others let you click on the icon to load the associated app in “list” mode when more than one change is notified. When I click on the icon, it does nothing. Only clicking on the test opens Tweed. Should be able to just duplicate the link to allow either to accept the tap event.

  • How do I get into settings for Photo to change the default email address?

  • Christian Sepulveda

    You can change your photo settings from the AppMenu, Preferences & Accounts, then tap your account. Then tap the Edit Photo Settings button on bottom of the screen.

  • Amanda

    I am having the most difficult time looking for a way to download the tweed application! I’m goin crazy!

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