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Tweed Update: v0.9.7

A new version of Tweed is available! (v.0.9.7)

Bug Fixes

  • Tapping notification banner/dashboard does not load app
  • Show loading spinner on refresh
  • User Profile tap target was extending past photo
  • several memory leaks


  • Shorten Urls button in compose tweet scene (urls over 30 char)
  • Auto-refresh of active card (3 minutes for refresh, displays banner when there are new tweets)
  • Auto-refresh will show New Tweets marker to separate newly loaded tweets from existing tweets in timeline
  • Manual refresh (via button) preserves timeline and loads new tweets above existing tweets
  • Conversations – icon indicates a message is “in reply to” and popup menu action shows thread
  • Home timeline is checked in notifications
  • Popup menu action to add marker to tweet timeline — useful for keep track of read/unread tweets.
  • Show client/source of tweets


You can place a marker (will appear above tweet) on any timeline — they are saved and reloaded with the timeline. If you mark another tweet, the marker will move. To remove the marker completely, tap unmark from the tweet menu for the tweet with the marker.

There is a bug we just discovered (after we gave Palm the release for review): if you have a marker on a timeline and then tap “Load More” the marker position is not displayed correctly. It is stored correctly, so if you leave the timeline and return to it, it is then displayed correctly. (We will fix this soon — we didn’t want to block the other features since we discovered this it morning.)


So, we know photo upload/integration is missing.

Here’s the scoop on photo integration. There isn’t direct support for photo upload in the Palm Mojo SDK, yet.

It is definitely coming, though given the incredible demand for photo integration in Tweed (everyone wants it yesterday, or more precisely, at launch), we realize it won’t be ready soon enough.

So, we are working with Palm on alternatives and options that will deliver the ability to tweet photos from Tweed.

We understand it is frustrating, but please know it is a HUGE priority for us and we are actively working on it.

We hope to have something in the coming weeks.

Let us know your feedback either @tweed on Twitter, or





  1. This is an AWESOME client! Coming from Win Mo, this is an incredible upgrade in usability. I know you guys are working on photo, but I email them to twitpic just fine.

    Marker: great idea. I always loose my place when catching up!

    Conversation Bubble: AWESOME! Sometimes my conversations are across a lot of time so this gives us a great roll up.

    This product gets better and better. Thank you so much for your effort and setting the standard :-)

  2. Dianna says:

    Thank you, thank you for URL Intergration!

    Now, it photos could be in the same way (maybe linking with the native intergration of photobucket on the pre) is a good place to start?

  3. kenny bruner says:

    i literally downloaded tweed as soon as i bought my Pre at 8:00 am launch day in Hawaii, i was first in line at sprint store, my first action on the Pre was to tweet that i got the phone! i like the app just as you know the photo upload thing, love location feature, just wish we had better Sprint coverage out here, service is spotty out in the countryside. Keep up the good work! do i have to manually update or does it happen automaticly?

  4. Christian Sepulveda says:

    @kenny, you will need to update from the App Catalog.

  5. Mike Rowan says:

    I love this application on the Palm Pre! :)

    I was just curious if you had a web client in the works?

    Please let me know, and keep up the good work! :)

  6. Andrew Allen says:

    I must say that I love Tweed. I use it constantly and if you add pic insert very soon I will love you for ever. :)

    Two additional issues I find and possible updates could be done is:

    1. Ability to set how many twits are shown before load more option.

    2. When I tap load more I see NO change but if I scroll up one twit and THEN scroll down there are more. Something seems off with this….

    Keep up the great work, and thank you for a very usable product.

  7. Christian Sepulveda says:


    1. we will be adding a preference for controlling how many tweets are loaded, though I can’t confirm timing
    2. it is a webOS issue with the list widget; we think we have a fix in the next release

  8. Joshua says:

    What about an option to search for new people and follow them? I tried searching for my other username and it wouldn’t work in the app.

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