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Tweed Update: v0.9.8

A new version of Tweed is available! (v.0.9.8)

Bug Fixes

  • memory leak with notifications
  • timeline marker not being preserved when Load More is tapped
  • loading spinner hanging when minimizing during a load
  • preserve tweet position on refresh
  • tweets not always displaying after Load More
  • false notification reports
  • removed Refresh and Load More from conversation timeline
  • notifications stopped when swiping away dashboard with Tweed closed


  • simplified notifications: when enabled, they check every 15 minutes, independent if Tweed is open or closed
  • configure notifications: selectively configure timelines
  • Tap header: option to jump to top/bottom of timeline
  • When loading a timeline, start with marker (if present)
  • load up to 200 tweets when a marker is present (100 tweets for searches)
  • notifications: display badge counter number of timelines with notifications
  • notifications: dashboard stack allows users to cycle through all notification timelines

Coming soon…

  • photo integration (via auto generated email) — this week
  • configure notifications for bookmarks
  • *

Let us know your feedback either @tweed on Twitter, or






  1. Caleb says:

    When are you guys going allow the palm pre take pictures while tweeting?

  2. JoshH347 says:

    Yay! I feel special. The screenshots show tweets to ME! ;)

  3. A cool feature would be to have a picture viewer built in or use the Pre’s photo viewer to view the picture instead of the the web page when a link is clicked. Examples would be the Desktop version of Tweetdeck or Pocketwit & Tiny Twitter on WinMo devices. Tiny Twitter and Pocketwit loads the image directly to the screen. This means no resizing of the webpage to see the image.

    Just a thought.

  4. Almost forgot…Great update, good job guys.

  5. Levi4u says:

    simplified notifications: when enabled, they check every 15 minutes, independent if Tweed is open or closed

    This still don’t work, Ive had this installed since launch and have got exactly two notifications of new tweets. Hoped this would fix it, Guess not.

  6. Dave says:

    Notifications are fixed and workings properly for me.

  7. Paulie D says:

    I’m enjoying using Tweed, thank you very much for creating it and updating it.

  8. RobNyc says:

    should get a RT button (ReTweet) feature & Refresh Timeline sooner. It notifies 10mins late

  9. Christian Sepulveda says:


    When you tap a tweet, there is a pop up menu; retweet is an option.

    For notifications, we are following Palm’s guidelines of not checking more than every 15 min. Sorry for the delay.

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