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use photobooth to exchange ideas quickly
  1. Draw something on an index card
  2. Run photobooth
  3. Edit => Auto Flip New Photos
  4. Take a photo of your index card
  5. Attach to email

(Don’t take the finger personally)

  1. Nuno Job says:

    Wrong, email and attach is old fashion and takes to much time :P It affects productivity.

    Skitch it. I did just this to produce this picture:

  2. Erik Hanson says:

    Nuno, if email is too slow, you can drag and drop the image into iChat. Other IM apps probably let you send images as well.

  3. fake rob mee says:

    wrong. whispering fakely into cellphones with my eyes closed from my lair is the best way to share ideas.

    behold the awesomeness that is!

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