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Version 1.20: Photo tweets and other bug fixes

Version 1.20 is available in the App Catalog.

  • photo tweets (only TwitPic and Posterous)
  • video upload switched from TwitVid to Posteous (authentication issues)
  • refresh on lists would reload current tweets
  • lists causing duplicate/false notifications

Limited Media Upload Options

As Twitter is migrating to its new authentication mechanism, the various photo services are also doing their migration. However, they are in different stages of readiness, so at the moment only TwitPic and Posterous photo upload are supported.

Similarly, video upload has been switched to Posterous because of authentication support.

In a rush to release this version, some text in Tweed was not translated to the various languages and will only appear in English (though this version of Tweed is available in all international Palm App Catalogs).

Sorry again for the hassles with the new authentication model.

  • Woohooo!! :) Does this also fix the relogin issues & conversation issues?

  • James

    yFrog is still an option for photo uploading in the settings menu.

    It didn’t switch me over to TwitPic automatically. I had to do it myself. yFrog is still broken right?

  • Christian Sepulveda

    @Amanda, unfortunately no, the problem with conversations with protected users is still unresolved. We are working on it.

  • Christian Sepulveda

    @James, yFrog doesn’t work, but your existing setting still appears until you either switch it, or upload a photo (in which case it gets switched automatically)

  • Luis Zepeda

    thanks for all the updates, and bugfixes, specially the “lists causing duplicate/false notifications” bug, that one was driving me crazy!

  • David

    Any estimate on when yFrog-support will be back working?

  • darius

    you guys shoul try to in corporate somthing that rembers your followers names so when you began to type em it pops up cuz it’s hard to rember all ya friends twitter names

  • Nickcast

    I’d like to suggest some major features for the search which the Blackberry Twitter app does. I really liked the ability to save searches, and then see advanced options also. At the very minimum I want to be able to search near me and then have an option to set the near me search distance.

    The Most important feature right now is Searching Nearby could you please add that option.

    And then I don’t know if your app does this but be able to see your lists that you created on your phone and also create custom lists just for the phone.

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