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Video of Kent Beck's Keynote from RailsConf 2008

Kent Beck gave a great ‘story-driven’ talk at RailsConf 2008 regarding Patterns, Test Driven Development, and XP/Agile/Responsible development. Go see it now at along with all the other big presentations from RailsConf.

Yeah, yeah. This was posted ages ago, but I just made it around to watching it tonight.

Two great quotes. First, re: TDD

Testing really isn’t the point. The point here is about responsibility. When you say it’s done, is it done. Can you go to sleep at night, do you know that the software you finished today . . . works. And will help. And isn’t going to take anything away from people.

Second, more generally about ideas:

Smart ideas are useless. Nobody else is going to be dumb enough not to try them – or rather, Everybody’s going to try them if it’s a smart idea. Ideas with punch are the ones that are really ridiculous…until you try them.

Like Mole. Mole sauce. Chocolate? Chicken? Phbbblblltt! HahahaHA!

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