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Some Web Ops Resources

A laundry list of stuff I’ve come across / been pointed to lately. What are your favorites (i.e. comments, please)?


Book: Scalable Internet Architectures by Theo Schlossnagle

Theo Schlossnagle’s blog

Book: Release It! by Michael Nygard

Book: The Art of Capacity Planning by John Allspaw

Conference: Velocity 2009 in SJ – it’s only a month away.

Agile Web Operations blog
… don’t miss the post about their Tracker visualization using the Tracker API.

Presentation: Operational Efficiency Hacks by John Allspaw

… plus all of John Allspaw’s presentations

John Allspaw’s blog, “Kitchen Soap – Thoughts on Capactiy Planning and Web Operations”…(excerpt from latest post: “I can’t tell you how ripped I get when people say things like this: ‘cloud computing means getting rid of ops’ “)

WebOps Visualizations Flickr Group

Apis / tools:

Chef. This is step one, or as Allspaw puts it “if there’s only one thing you do, automated configuration and
deployment management should be it”. We run chef-solo in our cap deploy. Don’t miss Cooking with Chef 101.


RRDTool (Ganglia-related)

God for process management.

Xray for ruby process inspection.

Elif is Perl File::ReadBackwards ported to ruby.


Book: Think Unix

Book: UNIX System Administration Handbook

Book: Essential System Administration

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