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Webcast: Unit testing with the Palm Mojo SDK

Next Tuesday, July 14, at 10pm PST, Chris Sepulveda from Pivotal Labs will be broadcasting an O’Reilly WebCast on automated unit testing with the Palm Mojo SDK. Developer testing is at the heart of Pivotal Labs’s development practices, and we’re excited to be involved in bringing testing to Mojo development. The WebCast will cover the following:

  • Introduce BDD & Jasmine
  • Installing Jasmine & add related code to the app to support BDD
  • Discuss how to write a failing test first, then add functionality to make a test pass
  • Develop a simple webOS application test first, with the Mojo SDK

There’s more information about the WebCast on

Date: Tuesday, July 14th at 10 am PT
Price: Free
Duration: Approximately 60 minutes
To register:

  • Steven Grimm

    Any word on an expected release date for Pockets? Last I saw was a “soon” tweet a month and a half ago. Looked like a nice set of tools from what I saw in the presentation about it.

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