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Welcome Palm Pre and Palm webOS

Today’s the big day: the Palm® Pre™ has launched.

We’ve been happy to be partner with Palm and we’ve been working very hard towards this day.

We are happy to have several applications in the App Catalog:

When the Mojo™ SDK is publicly available, we will be releasing various open-source tools to aid development:

  • Jasmine: BDD testing framework
  • Pockets: various libraries and utilities for Palm webOS development
  • Yardboy

    Hey Christian –

    Really enjoying the Tweed client on my new Pre. However, what I can’t seem to find for this app, or any app in the catalog, for that matter, is prices. Are these apps free, or are they just “try me” before you “buy me”?


  • Christian Sepulveda

    @Yardboy, for now, at least, all apps in App Catalog are free. At some point, it will be up to individual apps to charge or not.

  • Nathan

    webOS development tools?! Very cool! I can hardly wait…

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