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What Is Your Workstation Tag?

At Pivotal, we love our large, shared workspace and homogeneous workstations. As we move from project to project, our workstations are pretty much the same: iMacs with TextMate, RubyMine, Quicksilver (bound to ⌘+space, of course!) a full Ruby/Rails stack, and a few other applications. Given this minimal setup, I can figure out which developers have used a particular workstation given the extra applications installed upon it. I’ve come to see certain applications as a developer’s “tag,” like a graffiti signature.

As for me, if you see Jumpcut and Skitch, then I’ve tagged your machine.

What are your tags?

  1. Josh Susser says:

    I tweak the terminal colors and shell prompt. Didn’t you notice that when we were pairing today?

    I like the cyan prompt on a dark olive bg:
    `export PS1=”[33[36m]h:W>[33[0m] “`

    I also activate the Keychain padlock utility menu so I can lock the screen to keep the cleaners from typing random crap when they wipe down the keyboard. You can activate the menubar icon in Keychain Access preferences – Show Status in Menu Bar.

    And of course I always create a for Pivotal Tracker!

  2. Harry Vangberg says:

    On a fresh install one of the first things I do is to install [PCKeyboardHack]( and remap the tab-key to act as ESC. (And that makes my second software tag pretty easy to guess, doesn’t it?)

  3. Ned Baldessin says:

    When I’m doing frontend work, I’ll need DefaultFolderX.

    More generally, these days, I’m leaving a trail of Spotify clients on all the computers I use :)

  4. Davis W. Frank says:

    Logitech’s drivers so I can run my (Logitech) mouse with swapped buttons – so I can mouse goofy while not disturbing my pair…

  5. Pat Nakajima says:

    I’ll always install my TextMate bundle ([](, then I’ll pluck the bits out of my dot files ([]( that are useful without totally monopolizing all the settings.

  6. Chad Woolley says:

    Command+Option+Right/Left Arrow mapped globally to previous/next tab.

    Grey background (for remote pairing)

    small, non-hiding dock (for remote pairing because I can’t command-tab in non-full-screen)

    The most Giant Mouse Cursor available (so I don’t lose it)

    Various textmate tweaks for search performance, ack in project.

    Other than that I just try to go with the flow :)

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