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Stop building products – David Edwards

pivotallabs on Broadcast Live Free

Good developers know about abstractions, and that choosing the right abstraction is vital to writing good code. But great developers (and product owners alike) know that choosing the right abstraction, the right way of thinking, is vital to staffing, design, prioritization, and everything —and sometimes your brain needs more refactoring than your code. This talk is about the invisible mental abstractions you didn’t realize you were using, and how to exploit them for fun and profit.

David Edwards is a software engineer with Pivotal Labs. He graduated from Stanford University, having worked on an interdisciplinary major between the computer science, psychology, linguistics, and philosophy.

  1. Tobias says:

    This talk sounds very interesting but unfortunately the sound quality is too bad in my opinion to really get it. Same with the last live stream. Is there a way to improve the audio for those streams? – Thanks!

  2. Robbie Clutton says:

    Hi Tobias,

    We’re looking into our audio issues, unfortunately we don’t store a separate audio stream so the original is lost. I removed the last video as you couldn’t hear the audio at all, this one is better but we still have much to improve upon.

    Thanks for watching, and hopefully we’ll get back to normal service soon.


  3. Alex says:

    Agreed. The topic got me to click here, good Friday listening — but the audio quality is painful. Now I need to refactor my ears _and_ my brains!

    Let me know if by miracle, audio or a transcript turns out.

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