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Agile Tools: Simplify, Instead of managing complexity

Great article comparing Pivotal Tracker to Mingle, as an example of a tool that simplifies things, rather than trying to manage complexity (and getting in the way):

Agile Tool Vendors: Please don’t try to manage complexity – simplify my life!

Thanks for the positive feedback, Matthias!

  1. I have to say thanks for the great tool. I’m going to start migrating from Mingle to pivotaltracker tomorrow (Christmas holidays is the perfect time for the move ;-) ).
    I was already that close to start writing my own tool – but not anymore. The most surprising thing is that I don’t even miss a story-board view (the one thing I found most important in agile tools so far). Obviously you found the most natural way of showing the flow of stories (done ones get green and move to the top, colorful buttons showing the current status of a story, etc) even without such a Kanban like view. Congrats.

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