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“Aw, Snap!” crashes using Tracker in Chrome


If you’ve been seeing a lot of “Aw, Snap!” crashes while using Tracker in Chrome, you’re not alone. An issue seems to have been introduced in Chrome 28 and several web apps and sites have been affected by it.

We’ve reported the problem to Google, (and they merged our report into this issue) but since they haven’t been able to fix it yet, the best way we can think of to assist them, is to ask your help.

Please follow these steps to enable Chrome to capture and report information about crashes:

Then, if Chrome crashes for Tracker, please could you copy the latest crash id (to find it type chrome://crashes into the browser address bar) and let us know what it is? A comment here or an email to would be great. We’ll supply all crash id’s to Google to help them fix this.

Many thanks, and we hope this can be resolved very soon.

  1. My latest crash ID is 61ae1045e173e816.

    Thanks for working on this!

  2. Tobias says:


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