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GitHub post receive hook for Tracker

Chris Bailey wrote a GitHub post receive hook for Tracker, using the API. It’s a web service that you run on your own server, and it automatically updates stories in your project(s) based on commit comments. Check out his blog post here. Thanks for spending your Thanksgiving on this, Chris.

Let us know if you find this useful, we’re definitely interested in making integration with other apps easier, and would love specific ideas and suggestions.

  1. We would love to see tighter integration between GitHub and Tracker. We haven’t fully embraced Tracker yet, because we are pretty invested in Lighthouse. But this would help incentivize our transition.

    Also, can I ask a tangential question? Why is Tracker free? Are you going to start charging for it? Of course I love that its free, but I don’t want to getting very invested into it before we know the long term cost.

  2. Dan Podsedly says:

    Hi John, sorry for not replying earlier. We hope to provide better integration with the more popular bug and source management tools out there, like LIghthouse and GitHub, sometime early next year.

    In terms of pricing, we don’t currently have any plans to charge for Tracker, but may introduce some paid features in the future. The cost will not be prohibitive, and would be in the same ball park as other productivity tools, for example Basecamp. Most likely, there will always be a free version of Tracker.

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