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How GOV.UK keeps calm and carries on with Tracker

The courageous folk working on the GOV.UK website (an experimental ‘beta’ replacement for Directgov and the first step towards a single government website) have regularly written about their experience and their blog is a worthwhile read.

Their most recent article Delivering Inside Government, posted by Peter Herlihy, offers great insights and advice for agile teams.

Below is an outline of their article with point six detailing their use of Tracker and how making their stories public while scary at first proved to be a good move.

  1. If it’s hard to write a story, it’s probably not as important as you think
  2. If it’s important you will remember it
  3. Investing time preparing stories before sprint planning paid big dividends
  4. Avoid the temptation to make the newest story the most important
  5. Make sure you can tell when your objectives are met
  6. Running our project in the open wasn’t a scary thing.

    Read the full blog post here

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