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Improved JIRA importer for Pivotal Tracker

Atlassian has just announced a number of improvements to their Pivotal Tracker importer JIRA plugin. It now imports iterations and labels, chores and tasks are turned into new JIRA issue types, imported issues link back to the corresponding Tracker stories, and more!

Read about the importer improvements in this blog post from Atlassian.

If you’re using JIRA and Tracker together, make sure you also enable the built-in JIRA integration in Tracker, which allows you to import issues from JIRA into your Tracker backlog via drag and drop. We’ve got some improvements to this integration planned as well!

  1. Karthik says:

    Currently, when JIRA bugs are imported into Pivotal Tracker, we lose any attached screenshots or other attached files. Is this an issue with JIRA or Pivotal Tracker? Hopefully there is a planned fix for this issue. Thanks!

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