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tenXer, Jeff Ma's new company, makes velocity personal

Congrats to our friend Jeff Ma and his latest enterprise tenXer for being written up in the New York Times.

tenXer tracks activities from your Pivotal Tracker, GitHub, Phabricator, Google Calendar, and Gmail accounts and provides statistics about your performance. To put it in terms our users are more familiar with, it’s about visualizing your “life Velocity”. You can read more on the benefits of tenXer on the tour section of their site

Thanks Jeff and the gang at tenXer for choosing to integrate with Tracker right out of the gate. If like us at Tracker, you use most of the services tenXer connects to already, there is really no good reason not to get a tenXer account today.

  1. Liam says:

    I’m confused- velocity isn’t tied to a real world metric, and so I could have wildly different velocities from one team to another and have the same level of productivity. Or I could have the same velocity as someone else, but have wildly different levels of productivity. It all depends on how teams score their stories, and most teams will use a different system, making comparisons difficult. What am I missing?

  2. Ronan Dunlop says:

    Hi Liam – you’re right… this was more a tongue in cheek comment on personal metrics. As an aside, at Tracker we don’t measure individual velocity but team velocity as a whole.

  3. Pete says:

    tenXer is an interesting idea…but I believe it tracks the wrong types of things in the examples on their site (at least for me).

    tenXer seems to track VOLUME rather than VALUE.

    for most people, I would say that the more emails your write and the more code lines, probably the less value you are contributing.

    it might simply be the examples used on their site, but we measure value in:

    deals won (versus calls made / emails sent)
    – even better is dollars earned
    features released (versus code lines)
    – even better is business won from new features


    even on a personal level, tasks completed isn’t nearly as important as goals attained.

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