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New 3rd party tool: pWidget – Embaddable Tracker Widget

pWidget is a new 3rd party tool for Pivotal Tracker. It’s an embeddable widget, that can be shown in any iframe, and shows stories from multiple projects. Configure it via URL params to show stories matching a search result, from specific projects, in label-specific priority order, and more!

Check out the pWidget page for more details.

For other helpful tools, see the Tracker 3rd party tools directory, and subscribe to the RSS feed to stay on top of new ones as they’re added.

  1. John Hatton says:

    Thanks! I’ve wanted this sort of thing for years… now users of our open source book-making software can see what we’re up to right in a “RoadMap” tab in our WordPress site.

    It’s usefulness would double if only there was a way to show (or limit to) those stories which are “done”. Given that, we would have a way of automatically giving users the information to answer the constant “should I upgrade” question. Maybe there is a way to do that and I’ve missed it?

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