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Pivotal Tracker Maintenance this Saturday (Feb. 4) at 9:00am PST (17:00 UTC)

We’ve got a major update of Pivotal Tracker planned for this weekend, which requires downtime while we run a fairly major database schema migration.

The update is planned for Saturday, Feb. 4, at 9:00 Pacific Standard Time (PST), or 17:00 UTC, and we expect it to take approximately one hour.

Apologies for the inconvenience, but we’re hopeful that you’ll like what we’re rolling out!

For real time status updates, please follow @pivotaltracker on Twitter.

  1. RC says:

    It’s like Xmas! What could it be?

  2. Steven Yan says:

    Can’t wait Dan! We’ve been making good use of the Epics feature.

  3. sean says:

    thanks dan – love your show!

  4. David Geller says:

    Unfortunately, your update fell right in the middle of our weekly planning meeting. I know how much it sucks doing updates in the middle of the night but I just have to put it out there.

  5. How much do you love the fact that you can just say “database schema migration” and all your customers know exactly what you mean? :)

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