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Pivotal Tracker, now officially on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch!

We’re excited to announce the release of Pivotal Tracker for iOS, the officially supported Pivotal Tracker app for the iPhone, iPad, and the iPod Touch!

You may find Pivotal Tracker for iOS to be familiar – it’s based on the popular TrackerBot, which Pivotal Labs recently acquired from Vulpine Labs LLC.

Getting Started

Pivotal Tracker for iOS is available now as a free app in the iTunes App Store. After downloading and installing it, sign in with your Pivotal Tracker email address (or username) and password. If you’re not a Tracker user yet, you can sign up here – it only takes a few seconds.

After choosing a project from the projects list, you’ll see the familiar story panels, but streamlined for the iOS touch interface. The current iteration and the backlog are combined in one panel, and you can swipe sideways to move between panels.

You can create stories, edit them, reject them, delete them, add comments or tasks, and view attachments. The interface is designed exclusively for iPad and iPhone, incorporating the seamless transitions and animation you expect from a native app, but it’s also familiar to anyone who’s used Pivotal Tracker on the web.

Prioritizing Stories

Drag stories to move them using one or two fingers. With one finger, touch a story, hold it until you see it’s shadow, and drag. If you’d rather not wait for the shadow, use two fingers to drag the story immediately.

Finding the right spot for that story is easy – the multi-touch interface lets you easily scroll through your stories, even while you’ve got a story in your other hand.

Offline Access

Pivotal Tracker for iOS keeps a copy of your project offline, allowing you to access your stories even without an internet connection. You do need to be online to edit stories, though.

Upcoming Features

We’ve got lots in store for the app, and you can expect frequent updates. We’re starting with features that will bring Pivotal Tracker for iOS closer to parity with Pivotal Tracker on the web, including search, improved panel management, and My Work, but we also plan to add unique features that take advantage of iOS and the mobile platform. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, we’d love your feedback. Let us know what you think of Pivotal Tracker for iOS in the comments here, by email to, or in our community forum. And if you do enjoy the app, please post a review at the app store!

Note: If you’re using TrackerBot, the app will continue to work, but it’s no longer supported – all future development will be focused on the new Pivotal Tracker for iOS. Download it now for free from the iTunes App Store!

  1. Awesome. Just downloading and liking it a lot.

  2. Dan says:

    This app is really excellent, but the way it handles offline access (though super useful) is kind of a hack. It could be pretty easily fixed.

    If you accidentally edit a story and change something (pretty easy to do), then press “Done”, you get an error about no internet connection– but since there’s no cancel button from the edit story screen, there’s no way to go back. You have to force the app to quit.

    Second, there’s no indication on the projects list screen as to which projects are available for offline use. If you click the wrong one you again get an unpleasant error message, but there’s no way to know which ones are available. A date next to each project would be very helpful, or no date if the project has never been loaded.

    I use it on an iPod Touch so this happens to me a lot. If not for these bugs it’s a great way to preview your work while you’re on the subway etc.

  3. Dan says:

    By “date” I mean the date the project was last downloaded onto/updated on the device. That way you also know which offline copies are stale, if you launch the app without internet access.

    A button to update all projects (download them all to the device) would also be welcome.

  4. What’s the word on an Android or HTML5 client?

    (Sorry to double post, but the chatter looks more lively over here.)

  5. Dan Podsedly says:

    michaelsondan – thanks for the suggestions, we do plan to make improvements to offline mode and the refresh mechanism.

    James – no immediate plans, purely due to bandwdith, but we’ll probably start with mobile-enhanced web/HTML5 views first. There is 3rd party Android app, though, in case you haven’t checked it out yet:

  6. -jul- says:

    Awesome. What I miss(ed) the most is to run through the list myself (preferably on my iphone) while presenting new features to the customer (using my laptop).

  7. Sam Mathews says:

    How can we login using our google apps login? All of our team uses this.

  8. Dan Podsedly says:

    Sam, you can create a username and password on your Profile page in Tracker (, and then use that to sign in to the iOS app.

  9. Allen says:

    It’s great to access pivotal on the ipad and view/edit entries. Is there a search field coming soon>

  10. Alexander says:

    We have been using Tracker for almost a year now. The iOS app is wonderful. With the new Galaxy 4 release I’m switching back to Android for my primary phone. Any chance of resurrecting the idea to build an Android mobile app? I tried
    but it seems to be down. Is it a glitch in the matrix? ..or permanently shuttered?

    Cheers & keep up the solid work!!!

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