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Pivotal Tracker integration with Zendesk

We’ve added Zendesk to the list of applications that Tracker integrates with. Zendesk is a “beautifully simple”, on demand customer support help desk system. This integration allows your development team to prioritize and collaborate around Zendesk tickets as linked Tracker stories, bringing development and support closer together in your organization.

To learn how to set up Zendesk integration for your project, visit the integrations help page. Once enabled, you’ll see a new panel in your project, allowing you to see and drag/drop Zendek tickets into the backlog or icebox. Story comments and state changes will appear in the corresponding Zendesk ticket as comments.

Note: At the moment, the Pivotal Tracker target in Zendesk does not create linked stories in Tracker. We’re working with Zendesk to enable that, and make the two integrations seamless.

  1. Kyle Homstead says:

    Bravo! This is an elegant and effective marriage between the two applications that I spend most of my time working with. I truly appreciate all of your team’s integration efforts. Thanks!

  2. Can you clarify exactly how the ‘ViewId’ stuff works?
    My guess, from the writeup on the Integrations Help page (which, by the way, could use some proof-reading) is this:
    * Tracker story is updated
    * Tracker hits Zendesk API to check if the linked ticket id appears in the specified view
    * If it appeared, perform the integration

    Presumably that means that most people will want to use the “All unresolved tickets” Zendesk view when configuring this?

  3. Dan Podsedly says:

    Hi Wilson, the view ID is used to determine which tickets to display in the Zendesk import panel (in the View menu). I would expect most people would choose to see all unresolved tickets, but you could use other views, including custom ones. We’ll update (and proofread) the docs. :)

  4. Dan Podsedly says:

    Kyle – you’re absolutely welcome, thanks for the feedback. Let us know if you have suggestions for how to improve the integration, or anything else in Tracker.

  5. This is really nice, and will probably replace the custom integration that I wrote a few months ago. One thing that my custom script does is that when the Tracker story is accepted, it sets the Zendesk story to Solved. I don’t know if everyone would love that behavior, but it’s what works for us. Maybe it can be an optional setting?

    Another thing we do is try to match up assignments when possible. That is, if the Zendesk ticket has been assigned, we try to set the PT ticket owner to the same name (assuming same people are in both systems).

    Thanks for doing this integration!

  6. Frank Naso says:

    How can we use the api to create a scrum board from pivotal tracker? A dashboard with a burn down and scrum board would be great. We could display this (and rotate it) for all to see on a monitor. Pivotal provides great auditing (tracking) whereas a whiteboard does not. Any ideas?

  7. Craig says:

    Thanks very much for this Dan, this has just saved me lots of development time.

    Good job

  8. Steven Yan says:

    Just a note that a few weeks ago, Zendesk enabled the ability to create linked Pivotal Tracker stories using the Zendesk Pivotal Tracker target. It does require that the Pivotal Tracker integration be enabled in order to provide a link in the story back to the Zendesk ticket.

  9. Tom says:

    I’ve heard a lot of great things about zendesk, I’m guessing it’s certainly worth trying out.

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