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Seize your Pivotal Tracker @username!

We’re about to introduce improvements to Pivotal Tracker which will help your team communicate more effectively. In order to do this, we’ll be making your (currently optional) Tracker username a requirement.

If you don’t have a username, we’ll create one for you based on your name or email address, subject to availability.
To avoid forever being known as @agentsmith34, go to your Profile page now and sieze the name! Enter your desired username (at the top of the page), hit save, and you’re done.
get your username button
P.S. Your username can also be used to sign in, instead of your email address.
  1. Chip Castle says:

    Having the ability to @mention people in a story would be especially helpful. Is that in your plans? Also, how do you find usernames for other members of a project?


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