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The Viewer Role: Giving read-only access to your projects

There are times when you might want to invite someone to your project but only give them read-only privileges in it. You might also want to change an existing project member’s access so they can see your project but not add stories or make changes to it. Also, read-only project members don’t count against plan collaborator limits for an account.

In such situations, the Viewer role in Tracker is just what you need.

Only a project owner can manage roles and that’s done on the project Members page. There are a few ways to get there, for instance:

Mouse over the project name on the left side of your Dashboard and click Members

Alt text

View the stories in your project and select Add/Remove Members in the PROJECT drop-down

Once you’re there…

To change a Member’s role to Viewer:

At the project Members page:

  1. Select Viewer from the Role drop-down to the right of the email address for each person you wish to change the role for.

The change is immediate and will apply to this project only. So if you have more than one project in your account and want to reduce the number of collaborators in that account, please repeat the above for the same person in all projects in the account.

To add someone to a project as a Viewer:

At the project Members page:

  1. Enter their name or email in the Add Member field, then select Viewer in the drop-down directly to the right of the field (the default is Member)

  1. Click Add and fill in any further information you are prompted for, etc.


  1. Click the “Add members from list” button.
  2. Select the Invite checkbox for each person you wish to add.
  3. Select Viewer from the Role drop-down to the right of the email address for each person you are inviting.
  4. Scroll down, if necessary, and click the “INVITE CHECKED” button.


We hope this helps you get more out of Tracker. As always, we value feedback, so we’d love to hear from you in the comments here or on Facebook, Twitter, or by email to

  1. It’d be great to eventually get better role management in Pivotal Tracker. For example, when we add a new user, the easiest thing to do is add that user to all projects and then remove them from projects that they shouldn’t access.

    The new Viewer role raises the case where we might want a user to be a Viewer for one or more projects, but have different privileges for other projects.


  2. Joanne Webb says:

    Hello Brian – thanks for the feedback.

    You’re right at the moment, on the Account Members page, the Add to Projects option under the Actions menu only lets you give the same role to all projects, or add people to projects one at a time, selecting their role for each, then clicking save. It is quite a bit of repetition if you have a lot of projects.

    By the way, the Viewer role has been in Tracker forever, but we’re trying to highlight some of the less obvious features in Tracker.

    Thanks again…Joanne

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