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Tracker Ecosystem: Member Tracker – View people's workload

Member Tracker Logo

“I’ve been looking for a couple months for the right third-party tools, and
couldn’t find them, so I decided to make my own.” said Brian Noah from eGood. We love and admire that initiative in our users, especially when they build something this cool. The app he had to build is called Member Tracker!

Member Tracker ties Pivotal Tracker stories and members together allowing you to view what different members are working on and what they have worked on in past weeks and iterations.

There are multiple ways to access this app:
• go to the website:
• install the web app onto your iPad home screen from the website in Safari.
• install the chrome shortcut via the Chrome store for quick access.

Check it out – it just may be that other perspective on Tracker you’ve been looking for.

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