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Tracker Ecosystem: – Translating Designerese into Developerish

It’s not that designers and developers don’t or can’t get along. What the team at Redline realized is that they speak a different language. So to facilitate the communication between these two life forms they created this tool

It’s simple to set up, simple to use and simple to incorporate into your Pivotal Tracker account – what else could you ask for? is in beta – so cut them some slack (not that there’s anything to gripe about) and ask the designers you work with to give them try.

  1. Woowwwweee! Thanks for the mention!!! We are so excited to connect with everyone who uses Pivotal – from designer to product manager to developer.

    This “Getting Started” video shows how we give you a point-and-click tool to get your mark-ups done!

  2. As a web designer and developer, I see both ends of the spectrum and Redline seems to be a great bridge of the two positions. Well played, sir.

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