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Working on multiple projects? Velocity got you down?

The Tracker Team gets some variation of this question a lot:
“I work on one project one week and a different one another week and it’s really throwing off our project’s velocity. Is there something we can do to account for the changes in team strength?”

Check out this short screencast on how to account for those missing team members and adjust velocity on the fly.

I received this question from one of our recent surveys; if you respond to a survey in the future, leave your contact info so we can get back with you!

-Charlie out.

  1. Bryan Dorsey says:

    This was very helpful. More detail would be appreciated. Our co-located team is interested in tips and tricks for tracking multiple concurrent web dev projects where team responsibility is regularly shifting from project to project based on client priority and/or tech strengths of specific team members who step in as unforeseen complexities come up.

  2. David Vrensk says:

    I’ve worked full-time on two different projects alternating weeks and thus adjusted the weeks in between to 0%. The problem is that the velocity calculation only uses a maximum of 4 iterations for the averages, which means it only includes 2 actual work weeks, making the number less accurate. It would be useful if it used up to 4 non-0%-weeks instead.

  3. Charlie Springer says:


    Cross project allocation of the team can be tough, Dan( our product “owner” wrote a great blog post about how Pivotal Labs allocates team members as the team grows into multiple backlogs/projects.

    Check it out:

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