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Final Call—Parting Shots From SpringOne Platform

SpringOne Platform is the story of how a Spring development community recharged and catalyzed the enterprise, and found a partner to scale that value, through the Cloud Foundry community. As we close out the event today, Pivotal’s Stephen Casale recaps some powerful takeaways from keynote speakers Rob Mee and Adrian Cockroft, noteworthy tweets, blogs and even some books.

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Quiz Your Company: How Well Are You Setup To Develop Great Software?

Over the past half century or so, the art of developing software has elevated itself to a point where how well you develop software quite literally can make or break you in a market. At Pivotal, we developed this edu-taining quiz to test organizations on how fluent they are in modern development techniques, and even provided a handy list of resources to help you learn about areas you may not have embraced yet.

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When It Comes To Big Data, Cloud And Agility Go Hand-in-Hand

In this post, Pivotal data strategist Jeff Kelly covers new research on the topic of cloud analytics and explains some of the reasons that agile practices continue to influence data-centric teams and technologies. The catalyst behind this current wave of agile data is cloud-based analytics, which make it easier to access sandboxes, support various data store technologies, and reduce the risk of uptime from performance hits. The cloud may be winning over all analytical workloads.

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Pivotal’s Third Acquisition In Two Months Expands Global Reach

To support the growing demands of enterprises looking to use software as a competitive advantage, Pivotal has acquired three companies and added an Entrepreneur-in-Residence over the last two months. Starting with CloudCredo (December 2015), Slice of Lime (January 2016) and bringing Eric Ries on board as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence, Pivotal’s is excited to announce today that we have acquired Neo, a provider of agile development services based in Singapore and San Francisco, in a strategic initiative to extend our ability to help companies around the globe.

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Dear Developers, Small Batch Releases Are Your Friend

It really seems like the world of software development today includes only two types of projects—those that release frequently and those that release infrequently. In this post, Pivotal’s Michael Coté points out two of the most important reasons that shorter development cycles with smaller batches of code make sense. While you might be familiar with these concepts, purusing agile models means these things need to be part of the belief structure of your entire organization.

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A Look At Pivotal Labs In Sydney

A new office for Pivotal Labs, the agile development arm of Pivotal, has just opened in the beautiful city of Sydney, Australia. We have a candid chat with Labs Director, Lawrence Crowther, about the Labs setup, why Silicon Valley has been relying on Pivotal Labs for nearly 20 years and what we do to help customers get amazing results.

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Pivotal’s Big €100M Investment In Ireland

Today, alongside Ireland’s prime minister, the Taoiseach, Enda Kenny TD, and the Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Richard Bruton TD, Pivotal announced a €100M investment plan in Ireland, including a new Pivotal office in Dublin and the creation of 130 new jobs. Similar to many Pivotal Labs locations, Pivotal will also create a software innovation hub for startups and enterprise customers.

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On DevOps: A Cloud Native Government—What it Takes

This post provides a summary and an additional perspective of the recent FierceDevOps article published by Coté, one of Pivotal's leading DevOps thinkers. In it, he starts by pointing out several key statistics regarding the expected outcomes of DevOps in government and the reality of the challenges. A shining example of DevOps in .gov is provided along with an initial set of questions to begin asking government IT teams, getting them engaged in DevOps thinking. Lastly, Coté hits on several key “systems thinking” issues.

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The Real Meaning of Software Transformation for Businesses Today

As companies and industries embrace the full logic of open communities, automation, and services-oriented architectures, software creates a trajectory that has and will continue to radically transform how we do and consume things, and how we run our lives and businesses. This post from Pivotal's Transformation practice leader, Siobhan McFeeney, offers some insight and advice on how businesses can cope and grow in the face of this opportunity.

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How Pivotal Labs Transformed IDEO Labs Development Approach

Pair programming and agile development have become popular buzzwords in recent years, but these practices have been fundamental to how Pivotal Labs develops and delivers products since its inception. As a result, companies often collaborate directly with Labs to develop applications, while also learning techniques of close collaboration and iterative development. Members of IDEO Labs, the research and development group within global design agency IDEO, recently spent a month at Pivotal Labs to build an application using agile development methods.

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