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Apple Watch 2.0 With TDD Setup

It is now possible to create native apps for Apple Watch! There are some changes as to how we communicate between devices for Watch OS 2. Assuming you have basic understanding of the WatchKit architecture, this post will cover the new types of communication methods, some helpful tips from personal experiences with Watch OS 2 from Pivotal Labs engineer Priyanka Ranjan, and how to get started with TDD for Watch.

iOS 6 Rendering Bug: 3D-Rotation Causes Layers to Render Without Respect for View Hierarchy

With the release of iOS 6, we observed a curious new bug in one of our iPhone apps: after applying a 3D-rotation to a view, views beneath the rotated view were rendered out of order: that is, a view A under a rotated view B will be drawn above view B.

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How Big Data is Transforming Search Engines into Personal Assistants

With Siri and Voice Search, Apple and Google are going head-to-head to create search products that behave more like personal assistants than a gateway to the Internet.

Is your iPad App retina display ready?

The rumours were buzzing for awhile about what the new iPad would bring, and now that it’s launched and in the wild, there is one feature that really stands out: the Retina Display.

Similar to its smaller counterpart, the iPhone 4 and 4S, the new iPad has a beautiful high resolution Retina Display that has resulted in a 4x increase in pixels, at 2048 x 1536 pixels per inch.

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Apple UDID Deprecation

[This article is cross-posted in our company blog.]

Last August, the iOS developer community discovered a small change with potentially large implications that came with the introduction of iOS 5.0: the deprecation of the UDID. The UDID is a highly used unique identifier for each iOS device; somewhat like a social security number for your phone or tablet.

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App Release of the Month: Globe Investor

We all weren’t hard-wired to be investors on Bay Street, which is why the Globe and Mail teamed up with Xtreme Labs to bring you the Globe and Mail’s ever-popular Investor section right to your mobile phone.

With the Globe and Mail Investor

app you can now receive up-to-the minute market data from some of the world’s largest stock exchanges, including the TSX, DOW, Nasdaq, and the S&P 500.

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iPad 2 As A Remote Presence Device?

Since last summer I have been one of our few "remote Pivots" after I moved from San Francisco, CA to Atlanta, GA. Pivotal and I agreed that I'd try working remotely, remote-pair programming full time with fellow developers in our San Francisco and NYC offices. Overall it's worked out wonderfully for me, my teams, and clients. I use the same technologies that fellow remote-Pivot Chad Woolley recommended in 2008 -- a VPN connection, Mac's Screen and Skype video chat, but we're always looking for ways to more seamlessly integrate our remote developers into their teams.

With that in mind I became very excited when the iPad 2 was released, with its front-facing camera and FaceTime app. How perfect! For the last month our team has experimented using an iPad as a "remote presence" device for me.

How did it work out? Keep reading to find out!