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Pivotal Conversations–So Isn’t Microservices Just SOA With JSON?

In this podcast, Coté speaks with Founder and CEO, Jakub Nešetřil. Jakub's company is all about APIs. The two discuss the shifts to microservices in terms of architecture and development, approaches to governance, API design, and the API economy's evolution.

10 Amazing Things to Do With a Hadoop-Based Data Lake

In this post, Pivotal's product marketing director, Greg Chase, covers a spectrum of capabilities and scenarios surrounding a data lake based on Apache Hadoop®. From the benefits of storage to various types of ingestion to ways of processing data. Ultimately, there is a lot of value to be gained when all the pieces add up and allow companies to achieve continuous innovation at scale.

Pivotal People—Onsi Fakhouri, The Science of Diego

Award-winning Berkley astronomer, Onsi Fakhouri, has brought years of experience from working with Pivotal Labs and is currently leading the re-imagination and re-engineering of elastic runtime architectures on Cloud Foundry. This post covers Fakhouri’s background, Go (open source programming language) refactoring, Cloud Foundry Dojos, challenges of distributed systems, and more.

Options for Admin Engines in Component-based Rails Applications

In my recent RailsConf talk I said that I would help out with questions regarding component-based Rails applications (#cbra). A few days ago I got one such question via twitter: How to make a unified admin tool for independent engines?. Here is the gist:

Zac: @shageman starting an app from scratch using #cbra and wondering how to handle a shared admin tool w/ regards to non-shared dependencies

Stephan: @zachallett Are you wanting to build one admin for multiple independent parts?

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Decoupling JS from the DOM

There has been a big shift in the last few years toward javascript frameworks that dictate how we deal with the DOM. In this series I want to highlight the value in “progressive enhancement” style patterns when it comes to interacting with the DOM.

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Tech Start-Up Lessons: Micro-Services Architecture with .NET and RabbitMQ

In this Q&A, we share an extensive case study with a key point—start your software company with messaging at the center of your architecture because it will build in agile practices and better results for customers. The articles covers a .NET open source stack, a LEAN development approach, the outcomes of using RabbitMQ, and more—all shared by a lead C# .NET developer from a UK-based healthcare technology company.

Stop leaky APIs

There are many blogs about how to expose an API for a Rails application and many times I look at this and am concerned about how these examples often leak the application design and the schema out through the API. When this leak occurs a change to the application internals can ripple out and break clients of an API, or force applications to namespace URI paths which I feel is unnecessary and ugly.

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