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'best practices'

Agile – I know it when I see it

What does an agile software development team look like?

Many software development teams claim to be “agile”. These days it’s all the rage. But how can a business know if their software development team is in fact agile? And why …

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SpringOne Video: Domain Driven Design Using SpringTrader

In a talk from SpringOne 2GX 2012, Vaughn Vernon, author of Implementing Domain Driven Design, and Wes Williams, Senior Consultant with EMC, explain how domain driven design is used to extend a cloud-based, distributed architecture using SpringTrader (previously called Nanotrader) as an example.

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Effective Data Visualization Techniques, from Business to Social Advocacy

Periscopic and Procter & Gamble demonstrate the wide range of uses for data visualization — from business intelligence to social advocacy — and how form and function vary widely depending on the data visualized and the intended purpose.

Read More Predicts 2013’s Hot Data Visualization Trends

Last weekend, data visualization social network hosted a Meetup in San Francisco, offering a glimpse at the emerging trends and best practices for 2013. “Code artist” and Design Professor Scott Murray and Mike Jeter of creative studio I Shot Him delivered presentations on process and practice to the nearly 100 data visualization practitioners and enthusiasts in attendance.

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Understanding How Data Flows Through Your Organization

The deluge of Big Data is a well-known challenge, but a recent post on the Factual blog draws attention to a problem no less imposing: How does data flow through an organization?

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How GOV.UK keeps calm and carries on with Tracker

The courageous folk working on the GOV.UK website (an experimental ‘beta’ replacement for Directgov and the first step towards a single government website) have regularly written about their experience and their blog is a worthwhile read.

Their most recent article Delivering Inside Government, posted by Peter Herlihy, offers great insights and advice for agile teams.

Below is an outline of their article with point six detailing their use of Tracker and how making their stories public while scary at first proved to be a good move.

  1. If it's hard to write a story, it's probably not as important as you think
  2. If it's important you will remember it
  3. Investing time preparing stories before sprint planning paid big dividends
  4. Avoid the temptation to make the newest story the most important
  5. Make sure you can tell when your objectives are met
  6. Running our project in the open wasn't a scary thing.

    Read the full blog post here

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