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'Big Data Suite'

Inside The New Solr-powered, SQL Text Analytics Engine For Greenplum

Pivotal Greenplum users now have access to a Apache Solr-powered text analytics engine that is optimized for its massively parallel processing data warehouse. GPText takes the flexibility and configurability of Solr and merges it with the scalability and easy SQL interface of Greenplum, dramatically simplifying and speeding up the time to insight for massive quantities of raw text data, including semi-structured and structured data (social media feeds, email databases, documents, etc.).

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Episode Three

Pivotal Insights host Jeff Kelly talks with Pivotal Greenplum’s Tim McCoy to preview the new Greenplum Command Center (GPCC), a new web-based monitoring and administration interface that is currently in beta and expected to be released later in 2016. They discuss the design philosophy behind the new GPCC, the driving reasons for overhauling the user interface and, most importantly, how the new and improved GPCC UI is going to make life easier for Greenplum administrators.

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Positive Sum Software & Spring’s New Bounce—SpringOne Platform Day 3

Day 3 kicked off with Sam Ramji, who oversees the gestalt that is the open source Cloud Foundry Foundation—where software choice and freedom are safe, and where inclusion, participation, and accountability keep it that way. Day 3 also leaned more heavily into Spring—all grown-up and with new bounce in its step through the enterprise. We offer the day's highlights...

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Data Science Deep Dive: Applying Machine Learning To Customer Churn

In this post, Esther Vasiete, from the Pivotal Data Science Team, explains how data science and machine learning are used for predicting which customers have a high probability of leaving, also known as churn. Using examples from an actual customer engagement in the networking and communications sector, she outlines the impact of such programs and the approach to modeling data sources, features, scoring, and predictions. She also provides examples of churn indicators, gives sample, code, and sets the context for using machine learning in real-time applications such as CRM.

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National Cancer Moonshot Shines Light on Challenges of Data Sharing

The American government has a new “moonshot” initiative that started this year: to cure cancer. One of the identified roadblocks to the cure is how data is shared between organizations, or rather how it is not shared currently. Pivotal agrees with this assessment, and is working with many of our customers who are clinical research institutions to increase data availability and improve the ways it can be harvested and analyzed. Join us for a webinar on July 20, at 7 am PDT, to discuss with Aridhia how they are enabling ways to change how diseases are understood, managed and treated.

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14 Reasons Data Pros Shouldn’t Miss SpringOne Platform

Isn’t SpringOne Platform for Java developers? If this were 2013, you’d be right. But in 2016, application development and data represent two sides of the same coin. In order for applications to deliver exceptional user experiences, they must be infused with insights gleaned from Big Data analytics and data science. That’s where SpringOne Platform 2016 comes in, with a number of sessions specifically designed to provide data professionals with the knowledge they need to collaborate with developers to create compelling, data-driven software and applications.

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Stephane Boisvert, Former President of Sun, Bell Joins Pivotal Canada

Pivotal’s growth is attracting some top talent. The latest notable executive to join is Stephane Boisvert. With nearly 30 years of big titles at brand name technology companies, including General Manager at IBM, President of Canada for Sun Microsystems and President of Bell Business Markets, Stephane is joining Pivotal as an Executive Advisor for Canadian companies looking to use technology as a strategic weapon to win competitive advantage.

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Fail Fast And Ask More Questions Of Your Data With HDB 2.0

Pivotal HDB 2.0, the Hadoop Native Database powered by Apache HAWQ (incubating), became generally available last week. This release marks a major milestone in the technology’s evolution from it’s massively parallel processing (MPP) roots towards a new category of cloud-scale analytical database, deeply integrated with the Apache Hadoop ecosystem. So, the technology is cool, but why does this really matter? In this post we’ll look at this release through the lens of digital transformation requirements.

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When It Comes To Big Data, Cloud And Agility Go Hand-in-Hand

In this post, Pivotal data strategist Jeff Kelly covers new research on the topic of cloud analytics and explains some of the reasons that agile practices continue to influence data-centric teams and technologies. The catalyst behind this current wave of agile data is cloud-based analytics, which make it easier to access sandboxes, support various data store technologies, and reduce the risk of uptime from performance hits. The cloud may be winning over all analytical workloads.

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Experience The New Pivotal Customer Portal

Pivotal’s Global Support Services is proud to announce the availability of a new Customer Portal—designed to provide better usability and self-service for our customers and partners. The new sleek design includes Single-Sign On, Support Entitlements, Ticket Management, User Management, an enhanced Knowledge Base, as well as ways to directly download software and view documentation.

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